Take Control and See Everything


Central Control System

The Original Plant Explorer
Our widely emulated Plant Explorer central control system sets the standard around the world for powerful features and ease of use.

Plant Explorer pulls together the control and monitoring information from all around your factory, and stores it in a standard Microsoft SQL Server database.

Also featuring simple but powerful data display screens, Plant Explorer often uses graphics rather than text to present factory information and reports in an easy to understand way.

Compatible with multiple brands of controllers, this is our flagship product and has more features than we can list here – so ask for a demo!


Adaptive have an app for it!

Pick Up Your Phone
When you need information fast, you’ll be glad to download our free Plant Explorer app.

Connect to your factory Wi-Fi or make a VPN connection when on the move, and you’ll soon be online to the same great screens you get on your office PC copy of Plant Explorer.

Check the progress of a batch through the factory, or find out how the machines are running today with just a few easy flicks on your own phone…. It’s another great reason to choose Adaptive.